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We’re not just a brand; we’re a promise of unparalleled purity and taste.

Welcome to Aqua Pacific® – Fiji's Finest Artesian Mineral Water. Nestled in the heart of Fiji's idyllic landscapes, our natural mineral water springs from the untouched aquifers of Viti Levu's Nadi Highlands. Imagine drinking water so pure, it has journeyed through miles of prehistoric volcanic rock, untouched by human hands until you unseal the bottle.

Our Journey

Our story began with our founder, Altaaf Jamal, who recognized that the emerging need for clean, natural water was not a trend but a necessity. His vision was simple yet profound—to provide water of unmatched purity and taste. After five years of dedicated research and development, Aqua Pacific® came to life. The unanimous verdict? The smoothest, purest water you'll ever taste.

Why Choose Us?

Our artesian mineral water is filtered to an extraordinary 0.2 microns and ozonated for sterilization, preserving its natural integrity without the need for chemicals. We're proud to have received the coveted iTQi Superior Taste Award in 2019 and 2022, as well as the Diamond Award for nine consecutive years of excellence. These accolades aren't just stamps of quality; they are a testament to our unwavering commitment to deliver the best.

Eco-Friendly Commitment

We’re also committed to environmental responsibility. Our water is bottled in PET plastic bottles designed to be square-shaped, a design that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also eco-friendly. This innovation allows for more efficient transportation and reduced fuel costs, a small but significant step toward a greener planet.

A Partnership for a Better Future

In addition to offering world-class water, we are deeply committed to social responsibility. We’ve partnered with Habitat for Humanity Fiji to contribute over $100,000 in the next decade toward housing, sanitation, water, and education initiatives. It’s our way of giving back to communities and investing in a better, more sustainable future.

Global Footprint

While our roots are deeply anchored in Fiji, our aspirations are global. With a fast-expanding international presence, Aqua Pacific® aims to provide convenient access to our exceptional water across the world.

Join us in experiencing the Smooth Tropical Taste of Fiji and become a part of the Aqua Pacific® family—where purity meets taste, and quality knows no bounds.

Welcome to Aqua Pacific®. Welcome to a sip of paradise.